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Our love for creating a thoughtful and refined home is inspired by family. With two small children, we understand the need for beautiful details and functionality to coexist. And more importantly, we believe that they can.

After completing multiple renovations on our own home, Erika quickly realized her fiery passion for design and enrolled in the Interior Design Institute. Moznik Design Studio was founded in 2018 and has since captivated a growing community of clients and followers. Have an upcoming project you'd like our help with? You can view our full list of services by clicking here.

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I have worked with Moznik Design on several projects now and would recommend Erika’s services to any of my clients.  Erika has the ability to look at a space, visualize a final product and has the know-how and professional connections to turn that concept into a reality.  Many homeowners often become discouraged and overwhelmed by dozens of design decisions or aren’t sure where or how to start, but Erika is there to guide them through the entire process with optimism, positivity, and clear communication.  Renovations are never easy - but with Erika on your side, they go a lot smoother! I always look forward to working with her on future projects!


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